Monday, April 26, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

I don't know why a Beatles song just won't leave my head. Perhaps, A Hard Day's Night or I Want to Hold You Hand are others that come to mind right now. In trying to tie it all up, sometimes music is the best way.
Time is always a huge factor in our busy lives. (Now I am hearing a little Jim Croche, Time in a Bottle!)
I had a very difficult time finding time to work on this assignment. It was a great experience and I would love to go back at my leisure and discover more and personal applications for these sites. My favorite was uTube, it's awesome!
But I am Whooo-hooo glad that its done!
Later Gator.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#9. Funny iPad Cat

What a cutie pie! UTube absolutely rocks! It has everything!!!

I was all over the Podcasts sites, willing to learn and ready to give it a shot! While readding the the info. I discovered that time is running short and I didn't necessarily need to do my own. It's something I will do later.

I joined NetLibrary and played around with several titles. I guess I'll need to get a player so I can have better access. I love to listen to books in the car, but would rather have a real book in my hands. That makes it a little hard for me to drive, although I have seen others do it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

#8. I actually imported that from ZOHO! Whoo-hoo!

OK, where did it go? It was here yesterday!

Oh well, let's move on.

Youtube has it all. You can do the educational thing and find some thing to learn or teach someone else. You find hours and hours of entertainment from silly cat videos, (personally I like the dogs more) movie clips, and selected artists singing.
Any one would love the internet for just this site alone. It's fabulous! Thanks Youguys.

Yo Zoho

# 8. YO, ZOHO

ZOHO Writer would be great tool for someone yous doesn't have their own computer. I can see someone using this attending college or at a public library.
My favorite feature of any program is Spell Check! Ha!
I also liked the fact that others could view and comment. Lots of possibilities there for teachers of all ages!

Friday, March 26, 2010

#7 Wiki's

Wiki's have the most potential of any of the 2.0 applications I have seen this far. The organizing, sharing and coordinating information is so fabulous, we may not have meetings in the future???
Why bother if we are doing a better job of sharing information in a Wiki!
The only concern I have is sabotage. Remember when we used to hear about someone messing with Wikipedia? The information we use, needs to be verifiable and based on fact.
I had fun leaving messages in our Favorite things Wiki. Let's continue with that.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

#6 Social Bookmarking

15 Billion Web Pages! Wow, no wonder we all feel unorganized. Let's see now, Delicious can organize them, then sort by tags (old school =LC/Sears subject headings). The we can all share sites that have been discovered by others with the same interests. I am feeling a little job insecurity here!

Away from the Icebergs and A tempory place in time.....

(What ever floats your boat etc.)
At a Librarians workshop 15 years ago, the speaker said we HAVE to become more user friendly or be blown out of the water! (I wish I could remember his name.) It's all about packaging and now, no training necessary.
The time of a new mindset and expectations is here. The old concept of a traditional Library has faded into the sunset or sunk to the bottom of the sea in this story.
I liked the idea of harnessing users in the design and implementation of services. Smooth talkin', and practical.
Library 4D is mind boggling. The Garden of Eden of Libraries??? I think not! Technology is ever changing, so will be user needs. A knowledge spa, meditation, and relaxation, bring it on!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HEB23: Web 2.0, Part 4 & 5

4. Here are some sites that I like to look at every day and put them my RSS feed. Am I a sports fan or what! Also being from Oklahoma, we keep our eyes on the weather cause you never know if it's going to be 90+ or 9!

Let me say that I really liked doing the online images. I can see my creative "evil twin" at work at;
Made some funny get well cards on these sites.

Library thing is going to be a cool tool when I retire. I like the fact that it has free reviews & recomendations. Free books to if you want to write reviews.
Rollyo is always closed for maintenance, so I took a look at one of their other sites, Tweetage W@steland. This guy is pretty funny. I read his blog Confession #43. He is a really good writer and has way to much time!
As for the reply to other blogs. I pray that many of you got my Hi there have a good Spring Break!